The Wingless Devil

Another day in this blue sky purgatory. I cannot recall how long I’ve been here. If I didn’t hide a diary on the lines behind this excrept, I could not even remember where I came from. He tried to take them from me… As he always does with the newcomers.

From all men, I’m the only who still fight to keep sanity. My crew is trapped on these salty, crystal like waters, inside a ruined, almost wrecking ship. And they don’t even ask why.

He enjoys that. It’s his main source of fun.

Today, as always, he showed up. The Wingless Devil, tearing clouds apart, playing us like a bunch of drunken whalers. He flew high and fast, faked strikes to taunt me, the only one who still challenges his will. The new recruits of the Devil watched closely, floating behind those disgraceful white cottons. It wasn’t their jokes that flipped me out… If I didn’t free those souls, soon they’d turn into hellspawns like all the other lads.

That’s why I fired the cannons.

And again, it was useless. That little, wingless bloody plague dodged all shots, laughing in triumph. Then he summoned his pet: an armored beast with one thousand teeth who strives to eat my flesh. That monster already had a taste, because the Devil ripped off one of my hands and threw it to him. “Like a cod in the hook”, as he loves to remind me… Today, I lost Smith and Thomas. Now we are reduced to nine prisioners condemned to live forever, a part of his sick bidings.

But one day I’ll slay him, I swear to God! I’ll feed him to his own pet! And I’ll find the exit of this torture field, I’ll return to my beloved family, and the Crown will forgive me. But while this day don’t come, the Wingless Devil tears my soul. The Devil named “Peter Pan”.



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